what a beauty!

frog beauty!

In my webs of friends we all talk about how much love and power we have accessible at our finger tips. We go to the woods often and absorb natures harmony and healing wisdom. we all leave feeling recharged and renewed. We go to nature because we feel supported on deeper levels. There’s no distractions other than the ones we bring with us and being in nature offers me the chance to really reflect while providing me the space to follow through on a mental/emotional trigger. In our culture it can seem as though others are preying upon us being over stimulated. We are recieveing triggers from our internal world often but seldom do we follow the trail behind it. “I know I feel something…” as I try to figure out ten different things about myself at once. I am disciplining my mind so I can devote my concentration on one aspect of myself anywhere/anytime. however in nature I am supported! At the woods I can easily focus and move through stagnant energy. We go to the woods and talk about “one day” when we live in our eco homes on our plots of land etc…anything expect more of the house and 2 car garage. Concrete and pollution, we know our Mother earth is surviving and as long as her
water, air and soil are being polluted faster than she can cleanse then she will keep surviving. The trickle down is coloring our personal lives. Yeah I am surviving when I breathe in less than best air and remove waste from out of my cells using less than best water I drank from some crappy water filter. Pregnant women have a whole list of precausions because of their powerful choices (that seems trival, drinking one diet soda 3 times a day adds up) they will reap what they sow. A baby with a cleft lip is very obvious (that less than best held priority.)Then the baby is born and the mother going back to smoking. The mother is a baby her self, 98% of her cells are newborn every 2 years. and so many of us love our trees and earth and birds and with that love we feel the micro of the macro. As it is above so it is below. And without is within. **Food/Consciousness/Love** it’s said we are what
we eat. well my cells are only made up from the solids and liquids from which I ingest so that’s true. However there’s more to me than my body AND I still have my body, my home/temple for my high spirit. The greater the home the greater the spirit to enter. So we want our Mother to thrive because we understand the value for clean water, air and soil yet the micro (our temples)we don’t see our veins as the rivers and our lungs as the tree. For our thrival it’s essential for our spirits environment to support our highest good. Many of the choices that we make about the worth and value of our body/temple hasn’t truly been assest by us, rather by conscious
corporations then through copy/cat friends and family. we will always be our spirit and it’s not worried about food, flavors, prices…our body is the only thing in THIS life we were given and now is our time to upgrade. Always keep what you love, including foods, “healthy” or not because our love for those foods will nourish us deeper than vitamins. If you’re painting the walls of your temple with less than love then find foods that love you. Living food can become a deeply bonding experience and flavors imnate from their wisdom. After a life time of consuming artifical foods with low vibe wisdom and now upgrading I AM experiencing my connection to my Divine Mother! I understand why it took so long (life time process) because I was recieving such a small amount of information at a time that the gaps of wisdom felt too spread apart.