which berries are magical? all of them.

true essential oils are anti-microbe/fungal/viral. What ever properties the plants have to defend them self often reside in their oils. I tried reading Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, man that book is hard cord. it starts off talking about carbon, chains, and bonds. Chemistry is not my forte but what I did get from the book was that fats are super sensitive and when heated they change chemically…that’s why fried foods are the worst. fats heated to deep fry food is totally going to fuck you up. fried food taste good because fat & salt are a winning combo….go make some guacamole, eat as much as you’ d like…no fried food…don’t dip with chips. but heating fats up at all is NO GOOD!  chemically our bodies no long recognize and can not utilize the oils. stoke, chub, flab….all the greasy sticky stuff.

berries are magical. go to the store, go to the woods, get yourself some magical berries. on a bush berries have to defend itself from microbes/fungus/viruses. the strong berries thrive to the point of being ripe, picked and eaten.  we eat then crap out the seeds and continue out the process of the berries highest choice…to ensure it’s future is guaranteed. berries are smart. they’re totally in control. how many times I walk past poison berry bushes and wish we could make sweet berry love….without getting sick. every time. childhood to adulthood and I still dream of picking wild berries. so what magic kept them thriving goes into our bodies and now we have the wisdom of the plants on a cellular level. there’s nothing in ramen noodle. at all. even the mold won’t touch it. mold is like “if we could get some of that berry magic…” yeah, fuck ramen noodles…noodle, what the fuck is that?

so you’re pulled in by 3 years of college marketing, you buy the noodle and now your magic is being depleted.  really. no! not because you’re not cool enough….your writing checks your body can’t cash.