I love raw food.

raw-foods-011avocado, fresh ginger, shredded cabbage, cayenne pepper, onion,  BEST salt ever, raw pickle juice

ginger love

ginger love

best of the best untoasted nori

raw-foods-014dab of water to seal the deal
raw-foods-015I love this! this is intuitive eating. I’ve never made this before. my brain was like, this!, this! & this! so right on.

I can tell you about the best salt yet. I’ve been using this salt in 100% of my food and for a while there I was adding it to my water. First my hydration went up,  doubled, tripled??? I could drink more water in one sitting than what I was drinking in maybe a day or two??? with an 1/8 t added to my 32oz water the wetness to the water felt better…after months of this magical salt I ran out and tasted the sea salt I had left over in my cupboard and it was bitter! that was a sea salt I’d been buying for years from the health food store and wow, upgrading my salt quality was a palatable difference. bitter? yuck!