“hyper rational”.

I heard this term and I felt more ease. All I can do is really speak for my self and say “I recommit”.

Due to everything being part and particle of awesomeness, love, light and all that jazz (AND that my brain can be master of creating reason out of wallpaper) it makes total sense that I have patterns where I starting puzzling pieces of everything together. However there’s no need for that. My vision is ever expanding. I don’t need pieces to fit together or explain the reason why they don’t or how they will blah blah blah. we can all dumb down something really awesome by naming it and explaining it. Ever expanding, the more I see the less I desire to speak…expect here. Here it’s all poetry. I’ll let the sun love me.

this guy figured it out

this guy figured it out

We are wiser than we know.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson