my human experiment (superfoods)

raw-foods-001I came up with the name then I figured out where to put it. Anarchist Kitchen, why not blog it. the name to me is simply about upgrading stuff, kitchen of the heart, kitchen of the mind, kitchen of the home. love is nourishment….so the kitchen cranks out the goods and what ever it gives us is all that we have.

raw-foods-003after listen to David Favor audios as well as many others I’ve been high dosing superfoods. high dosing compared to no dosing…

raw-foods-006today I felt great, I laid in a field across from my apt which is owned (and across from) a church. today was 82 degrees out and I was sooo “on”. I was singing to myself and taking in the sun love and merging with my earth…the longer i was there the more support I got. I felt better and better, more sun love, more earth love and I sang to myself for about an hour. I JUST STARTED DREAMIN’ is what I sang, over and over and over. blue sky and dancing grass.

then the man rolls up. his cop car wasn’t a car but an SUV, this person was all business.  they didn’t come over to me but stayed in their SUV just watching…me soaking up love. I thought of all the times in the past that I’ve dealt with the man (a few times a wo0man). then I thought of what a cop is and I felt my creativity starting to flow. my conclusion is a police officer is the doctor of the authority world…a doctors job is to look for illness as a cops job is to look for what ever the fuck they look for. the end result is often the co-depend dance that is almost self created/situation created, whatever. Dr. Cop, M.D.

so I thought to be straight with Dr. Cop. though no one end up approaching me, I’ve got my bases cover(next time).so Dr. Cop walks up and says (in phony interested voice) “hey, how’s it going, what are you doing?” then I say “I am so high I had to be out here in nature enjoying myself and the sunshine.” Fuck, that’s really how I felt, high. high on superfoods and high on creativity. my response is solid, that’s what I’m saying, every time, as long as I’m really feeling it.

I’m going to keep on the superfoods thing, I’m totally enjoying it and will keep sharing the experiences. I am my human experiment.