so I had a maca experience. the silly thing is that I’m trying so many new superfoods together i am often just feeling good and can’t tell what’s what. now maca has a taste and is already in the chocolate drink that I enjoy daily so when I make my unique drinks and I add everything myself vs. the pre-made-mix that rules!…well for a few made up reasons I avoided the maca…then at the cafe we sat down with this awesome raw food dessert maker feeling out his style. he brought some maca ice cream. I took a small spoonful and it was super maca, strong in taste, no wimpy ice cream…

the first bite I was getting over the flavor the second bit something clicked and felt really right then THEN!….my posture started changing , my thoughts felt a bit “different”….”I’m starting to feel gooooood”. two small bites and 60 seconds later and I am feeling it. I love maca.

and for those who know that it’s a mojo enchancer, my feeling good wasn’t in that respect. I felt hiiii.