I’m an artist first. this dream often feels so real and my made characters are me, mine, and when i awake from this dream it’s only into another dream. let’s dream in this dream. lets remember, for later, that we’re asleep so let dream. please lover and butterfly abandon all theory that says that we need to awake from this dream, no, this is a dream in the micro that is a part of a bigger dream. let’s not “awake”, that’s a sleepy time lie. let’s dream, let’s remember to engage all reflections of the moonshine. this is night time. remember you’re dreaming, period. I don’t have to have a dream about awake. let’s dream…dreammmm…..dreammmm….how lame is a dream about being awake. we’re an artist first and a thinker last. everything in between is last too. artist first, dreamer first, lover first. this all started from my loving community, art resonance, magic foods,,,,,….support creates space – love i feel it. I yelled over and over on the train, I am a lover…mantras powerful. words strong. high love me. me feel new.artist, mhan air dance, breathe sound….i you love