LUMINARIES & my community

LUMINARIES & my community

today is the best day ever! I made a video about super foods and how they support my creative in/out flow. then I go to dallas with my sister to meet up with my community and filmed our guerilla street theatre bucket drumming. on the car ride back home I think I said over a million times, “today is so fun“. THEN…on the ride home I received a call from a gentle man I had given my number to.

art-fart-072art-fart-074art-fart-081the story goes like this. I received an email from a band that was in town playing a their hip hop show at this major thing. from what I read there was a few really awesome speaker there that were big wigs from The Secret. so they’re in town from LA and desired raw food. they look up a cafe and stumble upon my meetup(.com/stealthisrainbow) and email me telling me they’re into raw food and to have our community come out and vibe with their music. I had the guerilla theatre stuff so I told them that if they so desired to come over to my apartment and I’d feed them! I gave them my number and the next day (today) I got a phone call and they’re taking me up on the offer.

art-fart-016art-fart-051art-fart-038now I had already thought my day was the best ever. we were a hit with guerilla theatre, I had excellent rhythm and connected with folks. so when they called saying that they were coming over (Luminaries finished their show as we finished our theatre) I could tell tonight was getting better, better! a guy who I met a few weeks earlier drove them to my apt and now he’s hanging with me. then there was another guy who’s  name had been going around and when i saw him on myspace I messaged him…now he’s in my living room too, along with an amazing hip hop group! eating raw food. we had a great night! together we created a video of all of us. 3 videos in one day! wow. (i am wow about the two guys, very in sync, I didn’t ask them to come over, they just showed up, first time ever at my apartment.)

art-fart-062what was most touching of all was (once again) being around people who have amazing integrity. i’m understanding so much about myself simply being around stellar people that I think I’m “getting”  another dynamic to what community can do. I swear that JUST being around people, vibration of a certain frequency, can transmute less than love into love faster, easier and sweeter than all the mental dance I’ve done. I recommit, I honor the sacred with trust. tonight, I remember.

please do not underestimate your love and your community, I recommit.