writing is way where it’s at. there’s so many magical things i’m noticing as i write that up until this point i didn’t connect the dots. so first dive was under the street lamp with magic/dream twin. the second dive was with wonder group of friends, and that was for dinner. in between those to i got hip to crimethic EVASION…which got the dive to happen.

what of all that did i forget. well, i was hanging out with a new WAY awesome bearded beauty of a gentle man. we went for a walk under the stars through a peaceful late night neighbor hood. we come across the biggest dumpster ever, sitting in someones drive way. we climbed in and hung out for maybe an hour. he told me some sleepy time dreams….in the dumpster. way too magical. dream therapy in the dumpster.

maybe that bond into the dumpster is what created the space to read that book???

i am hanging with the right crowd. because everyone is into it…even when they act like they’re not, they come along and act as a support & look out. after dinner diving my friends headed to the drum circle. i walked to the train station across the street and along the way i run into a dream girl who’s way into us diving together.  she’s was a pro doing it back in Boulder.