let’s slow it down to magic land time. so i was with my dream/magic twin a week ago and i lightly mentioned dumpster diving, just in passing. my passion was semi-sub-conscious at this point. as i say that we look over, under the night time street light was a big box dumpster. we pause, almost walk by then slowly gravitate over to it. we look in and sitting on top is a barley worn pair of shoes. he takes the shoes and we move on with our adventure. now these shoes look almost perfect but without shoe laces. he asked me if i wanted them but they were way too big for me so he kept them.

free book

free book

then comes time to our last post. my passion has surfaced. let me share a little story. so i’m way into crimethinc. they have some amazing tools to help one challenge the box we live in…showing us that we have self made rules. you know, the things that we think “just are”, well, they’re not, they can be changed. whole paradigms at a time. okay so the next day after meeting my dream/twin i’m at the train in dallas and out of the wood works he shows up, hands me a crimethic book and disappears. wow. at first i’m not feeling the book. it did have an excellent quote though,“i always secretly looked forward to nothing going as planned. that way I wasn’t limited by my imagination” but i still wasn’t able to enjoy the book. i had hit a little snag. without reading the book, the above shoe dumpster took place. i cleared some space and then i was able to read the book. DAMN! what an amazing book. who would i be now if i hadn’t!?

i love this shirt he made, he is part of our group drive.

i love this shirt he made, i fed him & nada dumpster dinner

the whole book is talking about dumpstering. i get enthusiastic and then write the last post about night adventures. the next night i go out with some gorgeous people to dive mi dinner. raw vegan anarchy. elbow deep in coffee grinds. no food for me. lots of fun for me. food for my friends. one of the first dives Nada pulls out a brand new pair of shoe laces. he turns to me and says “do you need any laces?” What!? you found something! there was nothing but a big dumpster full of cardboard  & sitting on top is laces…hummm…i wonder if this magically has anything to do with the other night when i witnessed my other homie pulling out those shoes….??????

snapshot_20090424_33 days later i had some free time before going up to the cafe and i went to the thrift store. i wasn’t desiring shoes. i got a few long sleeve shirts to protect my body temple art. but i checked the shoe isle, ya know, in case something is my size. sho’ ’nuff, there is. there hasn’t been a pair of shoes from me in a while. and i was trying to fake that running in croc knock offs is functional idea…these shoes look perfect…and cost 6.96 (interesting number) AND NO LACES. as i write this for the first time i now notice that i should have just bought them because of the no laces, take that sign with faith.

snapshot_20090424what is the reason, what does it mean? well, we can fill in the blank with what we choose to be a reflection of something….so to me it can mean that i’m on an awesome dumpster adventure path. now these shoes are not vegan but they’re used and to me that somewhat neutralizes the corruption of that industry/demand/supply cycle. i wrote over the brand name THRIFT STORE. the laces i bought cost almost as much as the shoes.