Snapshot_20090520_2woe, today i slept 15 minutes. yessss….minutes. i felt pretty awake and knew that if i was gonna hit the sack it was going to be for no more than 15 minutes. sho nuff what happened next i did known better. i allowed my body to fully relax and when 15 minutes was up i felt FUCKED, train recked, need more sleep, now. owell off to the cafe. i thank god for awesome people like brett in my life. brett, dessert god, he’s hip to things. so i know that when i talk i have to be conscious of what i’m really saying because i know he is. he is listening. so in the moment of me bitching and feeling that lag time from little sleep it all clicked. LOST in THE DARK is a great book that i didn’t read. (www i did listen to the interview and remembered that when we practice sleep deprivation that our logical/deficient sided mind tires out first and then we’re granted access to our magical play ground. ! yes ! so choose to remember often that i am wondering on to my magical playground. why label it any other way?