4282_1152425653568_1315454241_409342_4932929_ninside jokes happen fast and often up at “the bliss”. keith and i spend so much time up there together, no sleep blah blah blah we’re quick to get silly and/or deep with the intellectual jazz…”(bliss 125-cacao & mushrooms & greens)

4282_1152427613617_1315454241_409344_976879_nnow we took notice to all the little magical goods that happen in passing when all of us powerful people are together. for example brian was casually talking about some guy he hadn’t spoken to since ’05, next day he runs in to that old homie at whole foods. damn. and i only say damn because that was like the millionth thing of that style. so then we started joking about NOT being so casual and needing  to start talking about stuff that we ‘choose’ to come about. so we played around with the idea of large sums of money in addition to having all the stuff for the cafe that we bitch about needing daily. at the cafe we have a joke about not having a dust pan (6 months strong-just got one the other day) and not having a mop bucket.

Snapshot_20090510_1today rules. today was a half day at the cafe and having my rare free evening i totally caught up on my jogging (3 miles, full on!!!!!!!!!!). then i went to the mexican store and got a bunch of aloe. dropped them off then headed up to another food store in other direction for mostly organic shopping. as i pulled up (on foot) to the scene  the dumpster door to the video store is suspiciously WIDE OPEN…hummm??? is there a movie for me??? i haven’t had much time for adventure this last week or sooo so considering dumpster diving was very renewing. i was digging through and found a pizza box and a bunch of empty dvd cases….and a (almost) mint condition mop bucket. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dove in and pulled it out. MY LIFE IS A DREAM/a cosmic giggle….breathe….wow, the whole walk home with this new toy i was on the verge of laughing hard…then i’d stop…it was sooo funny and was sooo real that it clicked for a second how this life feels of the same kind of “real” joke kind of thing….so funny it’s hard to laugh, i don’t get it, it this really that easy/dreamy. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do get it. the picture is proof.

Snapshot_20090510so as i write this is enjoy my dreamy watermelon. did you know you can eat the rind????????? i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love watermelon seeds best of all seeds.Snapshot_20090510_4

love love love