Snapshot_20090718_1from bold to gold i tell you. being broke isn’t all it’s been cracked up to be. going without 2 weeks of pay really created what would “crack up” to be a dent but turned out to just create space! if you’re broke and hopeless and feeling desperate  then you’re not dreaming deep enough. this last  few weeks of broke created the motivation to dumpster deeper into the trash & more often. as a friend of mine confirmed this feeling, there’s something deeply fufilling about digging in the dump. empowered, fun, free, frontal lobe joy, really. those emotions are the clouds that dreams are bathed in, at least for me. if i would have had more cash we wouldn’t have found the 4 $50/boxes of neiman marcus chocolates or the 3/$30 dollar boxes of gifted wrapped chocolates. how nice of the dump to gift wrap gifts for us. i’m gonna take that personally. thanks. or the 20 ears of corn from the farmers market. there’s something magical about me seeing myself from what appears from the outside as an unfortunate situation and trust that what’s on the inside is truly something of gold. and sure enough that was the case. after dumpstering a few times and having a great time & finding such goods that was conformation to dream deeper. so when i ran out of cacao and i was starting to feel desperate i remembered it was time to go back to the drawing/dreaming board. i require cacao, not cooked and with no animal dealth. (raw vegan, Universe, i thought you knew!) i put the love word out there with my heart and within a week a pound of the best cacao beans! comes into my life.  and not just beans from store XYZ but from Peru, the land of magical happenings. david wolfe just charged a handful of people a bunch of money to hang out with him and eat cacao there and now i’m digging on the beans in my anarchist kitchen!?! wow dream universe thanks for delivering me the goods. Snapshot_20090720Snapshot_20090720_3