2 mp3 players! dvdplayer camcorder blend air filter iron cordless phone alarm clock ORGANIC produce! printer 2 pumpkins! and more PLUS FREEDOM & FUN


really there’s enough reminders in this dive to dream mi whole life away…why can ‘t i just recommit? why do i choose to go into my mind asking why the ever giving gods i still have trust issues with…..I LOVE YOU GODS! and i respect you. trust is built (on the inside) over time but I LOVE YOU TODAY

THANK YOU LOVELY SISTER OF MINE to inspire such a divine evening with friends and family. your ability to inspire us all shouldn’t be undermined. love love love. I thank you my mother for wanting to learn the trade for your self. renew  renew  renew. also mi darling friend who is ever new and open you rock. i’m glad you got your decreed blender.