earth day started with getting up early and enjoying a booth for Snappy Salads. we sold some food, drink, snack and promoted this locally owned salad shop. it’s earth day! Snappy uses only biodegradable packaging including forks, spoons, straws, lids and cups. even the boxes are made of to turn into earth within a few months under the right condition.

people were walking around looking for free junk. i care about the earth friendly goods, i care enough for everyone there. we had fun!  then ended the evening with a hobo ride.

we got on the yard in wyile. our train went west for a few hours. it was so strange. last time i trainhopped was over 3 years ago! just like riding a bike, totally comfortable and at home. i love riding trains. last time the goal was to “just get out of texas” this time was different. with my divine partner having work the following day we could ride over night. we rode down 14th street in plano. it was so strange. riding past the east side of 14th i saw all the places i spent my younger years. we rolled on. right behind the apartments i lived in when i was 19. further down we passed the area i live at in downtown plano. the train rolled on. i went pass the apartments my parents and sister live in. i used to live there too. i felt like i was rolling through my past as an observer. we even rolled by a a job i had when i was 17. i’d be on the clock and watch trains roll by and have this feeling like, “i wonder….” a few hours later our train was stopped in a yard. where are we? not sure. time went by, lights flashed from the workers…do you think they saw us? YES. from silence to “put your hand where i can see them” taken off the train by a BNSF bull and his K9. patted down, IDs, marched off the property, sweet goodbyes to the bull who didn’t arrest/ticket us…Fort Worth. That’s it?! man we didn’t get far, but it felt far & good. we walked from euless to fort worth…i think. we walked a romantic tree 2-lane for a few miles and then in the rain a few more. slept outside of a covered shopping center. $60 taxi ride to the nearest public transit. what a day. I LOVE EARTH DAY