i made my first fritatta and pecan pie! the same day we completed our corpt merge, holla….and it’s a beautiful day out and i’m inside cooking….(cough)*domesticated!* (sneeze) *win some loose some* kind of day….

i’m sitting out side on my laptop…soon to go for a walk. while making this i kept thinking about all the folks i wanted to share this with. the frittata was for yesterdays documentary night which i didn’t have time to make…so todays the day.

here’s how i made the goods


about a cup of grass-fed cheddar

few T coconut oil

10 vital farms (austin tx) eggs

bunch of organic spinach

1 organic onion

2 T-ish raw butter

salt, 8 organic basil leaves, chili flakes, BIG organic jalapeno

preheat oven 450. grill sliced onion, add jalapeno/chili flakes, salt, coco oil then spinach

mix eggs in bowl with butter & basil, add grilled goods & cheese

put in cast iron on medium heat on stove for 3 minutes, them bake in over for 12 minutes til golden…then call friends and share


1+ cup of (berts grandmas foraged & shelled) pecans (soaked, oven dried and chopped)

3 eggs

3/4 cup grade B organic maple DEATH syrup….way too much! (really)

some cordyceps, salt, pumpkin pie spice, homemade vanilla extract

coconut oil the pan….bake for 30-45 minutes, cool, call homies and share….

(1/4 cup of maple death/love is 50+ grams of sugar….)

the fritatta looks like a win, pecan pie looks like a loose…but it taste wicked.