the picture above is from our 4.7 acres

mark and i are in the final stage of buying land. we notarized the paper work and gave them our hard earned savings, all of the paper work is dated our anniversary.

eureka springs is the land of the osage tribe. the stolen land we’re buying is 15 minutes from this photo of downtown eureka springs. population of the town is 2,350. population density is 340 people/sq mile vs. dallas at 3400/sq mile. the town is 6.9 square miles of which 0.1 square miles is water. the elevation is 1200ft vs. dallas 430ft. the tourist map has 9 springs downtown as points of interest. i asked the locals if people drink from the springs. i was told that the insane amount of poultry factories has contaminated all of the water with E coli. test ALL water i was told. nothing is sacred.


MARCH: move out of apt, APRIL: work 2 more week, stack$$$, MAY: take 11day permaculture class in montana with sepp holtzer/paul wheaton. try to check out the orginial “$50 & up underground house” 4 hours away. MID-MAY: go to LAND OF OSAGE and build our home.

CONCERNS: #1 that our house won’t be built before winter #2 that the ground (ozark mt) isn’t going to be ideal for building an underground house #3 that our few neighbors will think that we’re loud rock n roll (HIP HOP!) redneck white trash hoosiers who want to come in with our lound animals and F-up their nice private country living.

REASSURANCE: we will never have to pay to go to sleep again. the land was paid in full with CA$H. property tax is $150/year which has an exemption up to $350. holla holla. PLUS we’re in the woods IN the mountains. our land is on a slope and our view is beautiful.

WHY NOT ELSE WHERE: we knew we didn’t want land on shale, mt. top removel, nuclear or the many other cancer causing lifestyle that exist. we thought maine was our clean land of choice then we heard of radion (radioactive gas) and added that to our list. soon northwest arkansas started looking pretty good.

the picture above is a really nice style underground home. we are planning to build our NO PLUMBING/minimal electricity home this summer. WE’D LOVE ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! want to drive 6.5 hours from dallas to us to help out? PLEASE DO! PLAN THIS COMING SUMMER IN THE OZARKS WITH US BUILDING OUR UNDERGROUND HOUSE. we have a 3part dvd on how to build an underground house with windows on all sides. the book is available in PDF online too.