so things  have changed. we were going to start building our house in 2 weeks from today….but that’s no more. THANK YOU to everyone who was planning on spending the summer with us in the ozarks helping us build our house but that is postponed.

how sudden things change.

CURRENT PLAN OF ACTION we’re going to head up the our land with our RV and get jobs 😦

we saved $24k within a year & a half. most of it has been spent on land, a permaculture class, an RV and random shit related to moving. $24k is pretty good for a waitress & her husband who was making $10 per hour. as we were trying this new thing called “savings” we put the word out that we were looking to buy land but not interested in waiting forever for others to figure out if they wanted to move forward with homesteading with us. we found a piece of beautiful land in the ozarks and bought it. 2 weeks before we start building our home we were offered to go in on a piece of land with another family. they’re dedication and vision of homesteading is identical to our own. hell yeah we’ll do this together instead of apart. after a lot of thought we’ve concluded that saving the hard work and money needed to build a home for our next piece of  land would be best. it only took 18months to save up a bunch of money and with end in sight we’re going to do it again. we’re going to live in our RV & get jobs and start this process of saving for land all over again.

for the final time we’re putting the word out. if anyone in our circle of friends is interested in going in on a LARGE piece of land let us know soon. you have (more or less) a year & a half to get your money together. that is doable. that looks like DECEMBER of 2013.


our two families as of now will have a minimum of 7 acres each but we’re looking more at 25 acres each.

not a hippy commune but a healthy distance between one another

land that is void of shale, mining, agri-death, radon, etc

spring or creek on our land

people to go in on large ticket items like a $10k well

splitting chores (harvesting goods & tending animals)

food forest and all the standard permaculture shit

average $1k-$2k per acre

people to assist  in house building

no HOA

everyone will own a deed to their own land

living in the ozarks of Arkansas

once again we’re very open to others wanting to be a part of this. you don’t have to buy a minimum amount of land, what ever you want & need. this can be a bugout location for any of our friends not wanting to be in the county full time but want that security incase some shit goes down. but with this said we’ve made a timeline with the only family we have a commitment with.


EXAMPLE save $100 every month til 12/2013 and you will have enough $ for 1-2 acres of land (20 month)

if you need direction on how to go about saving for such a goal ask me, i can help or watch my videos on the subject