so after re-reading the primal parents blog post on fructose malabsorption, i feel ready to address this issue.

i read that blog post over a year ago and while feeling like much of the information applied to me, i still felt over-committed to paleo and wanted to feel that out some more. i have 2 indicators in my body that i’m looking to resolve to find out whether i’m on/off the right track.

#1 over the last few years i’ve developed some strange inflamation on a very isolated part of my lower lip. sometimes it’s on the very middle and other times it’s off center to the right but it’s a consistent alarm that is going off, telling me something isn’t right. it’s not noticable to someone looking at me but the feeling is varying degrees of uncomfort.

#2 i’m always bloated. sometimes more so than others.


a little dietary background:
courtney was gushing about the book “Kids Learn From The Inside Out” a few years ago so i got a copy. the book goes into detail of a child getting poor nutrition then having major digestion issues which domino into learning disabilities and emotional instabiltiy. i haven’t finished the book yet because it was such a mirror in my face that it was almost too hardcore to read. which is awesome! but that’s my childhood in a nutshell. i remember kindergarten age, recuring memories of being in the bathroom a lot, my tummy hurting. i would just sit on the toilet hoping for relief. my mother read books to me & sat on the toilet (not at the same time), the cornerstone to my childhood. so if history were building a house, my ancestors would be the earth, my parents would be the foundation and my childhood would be the first floor. adulthood would be repairing childhood and if things were stable enough i’d go on to building a second floor. so my digestion was fucked from day one, plus learning disabilities and emotional instabiltiy. let’s compound the issue with being underfed and malnourished most of my childhood, leading to me getting a job at 14. when i was 10 years old i was 180lbs, that was not over-eating or under-excercising. that was refined carbs as my calorie souce doing their best to keep me alive. you know the story, my dad got hip to dieting to reverse his debilitating joint pain & lower his blood pressure to avoid meds. in the early 90’s he had to figure out what was healthy with the help of the internet. so in my prepubescent years i lived on on pasta with tomato paste (yuck) with ZERO FATS. the results my dad had were life changing, a really amazing story. for the next 20 years he refined what all of the components to a healthy diet are. so i start underfed, then go to no fats then pop out the other side at 17 as vegan. i follow that herd over the cliff then get on a Weston Price kick then settle into Robb Wolf’s version of paleo.


and genetic history:
to cause insult to injury, let’s talk about my mom, sweet sweet Nancy. when i was born i wasn’t breastfed because she was taking meds. soy formula instead of the teet. meds for tummy troubles of her own? my mother always had tummy toubles, long before we ever met. the strange thing is that our household was predominantly organic, marcobiotic starting in the late 90s. she wasn’t strict like my dad but the majority of her diet was whole organic foods. every year she got worse. leaky gut, IBS, TMJ, cramps, migranes and environmental toxins measured off the charts in her blood tests. part of the reason we were so poor growing up was that my college educated mom felt too sick to work. over 30 years of her life gone to sickness. she’s 80lbs, in her mid 60’s and her life is in a pin hole. she can’t go far by herself, she has balance issues & her migranes put her life on hold. her mind is all there but after 30 years of lost hope and only knowing how to be sick she’s a shell of her potential. And she’s so sweet and gentle. such a shame. plus the kind of help she needs cost more than she can afford. because of her very poor digestion she’s lost a lot of vitamins and minerals that would get her on the track of healing. she can’t take any amount of supplement without her body cramping far beyond her endurance threshold. even a tiny amount of a given supplement on the end of a toothpick is unbearable. she’s too sensitive.

you are what your grandmother & mother ate.

this all comes back around to what’s going on today. last night i read the fructose malabsorption blog post & the histamine intolerance article. i look at my own health problems, mostly resolved by eating animal foods but there’s two alarms that go off in my body letting me know that something isn’t right. i think about my mom 25 years ago, so full of life. i think that she could have turned her fate around had she known better. for years she took meds to ignore the alarm. i don’t want to repeat that mistake. i don’t want to look at the 2 problems mentioned above, accept it then lose out later. i’ve got to have more of an open mind.

i think FODMAP applies even more to me than fructose malabsorption. i’m serious about getting down to the bottom of this when i see what’s at stake, thinking of my mother’s future and my own. when i first looked at the FODMAP list it was overwhelming to consider being that restrictive. after raw veganism i felt displaced from a community of passionate, health-minded people. before i felt special with my unique snowflake water, drinks and food. after feeling displaced i didn’t feel unique, i felt alien. i threw strict away and dabbled in moderation. whenever awareness of my issues would come up, the feeling of going back to being strict felt almost like being unable to breath. strange. that alone put a wall between me and my resolution. reading those two pages yesterday and thinking about my mother makes me think that i’m not going back to being strict. when i think clearly about my “strict” eating habbits, i see that i  appeared strict to joe-blow-USA but i wasn’t. as a vegan, i ate a wide variety of foods and combinations of foods and NEVER felt restricted. after getting over the hump to raw veganism, again, i could eat any food or combination of foods as long as it was unheated. really, any whole food was on the good list those ten years.

though some of the FODMAP food lists are inconsistent, overall i see the bigger picture: excess fructose, lactose, fructans, galactans, polyols will be the point of interest when avoiding foods. the histamine article would take a restrictive FODMAP diet & widdle it down to a pin hole. i’m not going to over-think the histamine thing right now because i care to first get the FODMAP lifestyle under control using my 2 markers (my lip & bloating) as guidance. the histamine issue i don’t completely understand but  it was the only resource that validated my belief that fermented veggies do not work for me. years ago i was tested strongly allergic to brewers yeast (vinegar) and at the time put hot sauce/soy sauce on all of my whole foods. god. vinegar & fermented veggies are both on the histamine list along with fermented/cured meats like pepperoni & BACON!!! (NO NOT BACON!!!) i ate some locally raised pigs that were processed into locally made pepperoni and my lip felt super inflammed! sad face. so i think histamine foods are on my list! the histamine list includes spices & herbs, those will be the last to get addressed. did i mention that last week i ate a ton of white rice (not typical for me) and felt a level of non-bloatedness that made me parinoid (i seem less bloated, can it be)? i’m not completely sold but again, open mind, right here!

the thing that makes this complicated and unresolved for many years is that there hasn’t been a direct correlation between anything. being bloated 99% of my life doesn’t narrow down anything. i’ve eaten so many different ways over the last 15 years, you’d figure there’d be more insight. when i did the master cleanse with jonathan a few days the bloat went away. those few moments of breakthough remind me to keep my eye on the prize. there were a few completely random times that i’d wake up in the morning and some how NO BLOAT then one bite of food, anything, instant bloat. there were times that i wondered if it was a quantity issue, because everything i was eating was quality. living on chocololate bliss and other blended/liquid drinks didn’t resolve the issue either. looking back, the high fructose agave was the last thing a fructose malabsorber would need. now my lip. it’s strange to get a signal from my lower lip that something is iritating my body. i thought about traditional chinese medicine and how the lower lip correlates to the intestines. i noticed that if my lip hurt my craps would look pretty shitty. 2 things there that threw me off. #1 was that if i ate something that would create this lip discomfort it would sometimes cause an instant (within an hour of eating it) reaction. it would take more than an hour for the food to get to my intestines so my original theory wasn’t right. #2 was that the results weren’t consistent. if my lip felt like shit for weeks straight, id get pumped to change things, the feeling goes away, then i take liberties, reintroduce a handful of foods, no imediate response… then within a few days my lip feels like shit and we start over. with all that said i’m not going to play around like before. i’m going to presume that all of the FODMAP foods and a handful of the histamine foods are at fault.

i’m going to take more seriously the boundaries of this experiment. no liberties, not right now, i need to get to the bottom of this.

things i already know:
veggie oils make my skin break out
nuts/dairy are super addicting, in small quantities they may/may not be fine but how do i eat them in small quanities?
vinegar, ferments (meat & veggies), eggs are all on the histamine list. they all created sad poops or lip pain for me
fructose & fructans make me bloated, i’m sure of it.
we have a million lbs of bacon coming home with the whole pig (processed) that’s going in our freezer. i will gift it all to mark.
Sugar Alcohol is an issue too (includes celery, cauliflower, mushrooms, snow peas & sweet potatoes)
chocolate is on the list of problems too (maybe made with coconut oil & dextrose it may someday be ok)
dextrose (corn sugar) is 100% glucose and the only sugar a FODMAP person may be able to handle
xylitol is a no no (damn, i have a pack of mints)

what’s lame:
i don’t mind giving things up. up until today i have always rotated giving up different things but looking back i think i was giving up a fructose item for a fructan item or give up dairy for nuts or nuts for dairy or dairy & nuts for fruit and vice versa. this new plan seems a bit more clear which is not lame, it’s good.  last on the lame list is this image of someone i know giving me shit for all the years of avoiding junk food…. and them praising me when i would eat junk food that they offered. i think that person thought i was on a high horse. i think i was on a high horse. that is lame. eye on the prize, breaking my mothers cycle is what’s at stake. that’s not the same as a high horse.

**read part two here** “so i got my shit’s DNA tested”

FOR REAL: any of your comments, high horses, insights, judgements and questions can help. bring it.

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