how many people do you know that live without plumbing?
none that i know of but most of the people i know would just assume that i have plumbing too BUT I DON’T.

around the time we were looking for land on and i was trying to wrap my head around the idea of living without plumbing. we had been hauling spring water from the country into dallas for 3 years and had a basic relationship with water which was outside of the plumbing issue. we lived with plumbing but hauled water. ok. there was a solid 6 months where i was hauling spring water for bathing and bathed in a bucket in my apartment. alright. though there’s some overlap, where i get my water isn’t the same as how i use my water. benjamin palmers house has plumbed in rain water. marks grandma had plumbed in spring water to her house 70 years ago. bringing water home doesn’t even seem like half of the battle, as long as rain or city water is available it almost doesn’t matter that i haul 100% of the water we use at home. the real question is HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT PLUMBING?

it’s a funny question for a few reasons
#1 because plumbing and water aren’t one in the same. you can live without plumbing but not without water. is it just me or does the question almost sound like HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT WATER? i’m sure it’s just me.
#2 who the fuck has plumbing? really. i’ve heard the number over and over again, 1,000,000+ people lack clean water. they don’t have plumbing. to the few people who have plumbing, it’s only been a hundred years or so. i’m confident there’s been banned diet pills that had lasted longer than plumbing.

i tried looking stuff up online about a plumbing free lifestyle and didn’t get very far. before our move i was so concerned with making sure we built an outhouse on day one. that seemed like the very first thing to do. after 4 months of living on our land mark built our bucket-in-a-box shitter. never needed the outhouse.
toilet paper free 2

less than best humanure set up to dump the bucket (for #2 only) after every use. saw dust & leaves are our friend.

we pee outside 100% of the time. if it’s raining or too cold i have a metal bed pan that i got from the thrift store but outside is much better. stepping outside into the woods with the most incredible night sky is really nice. peeing under a million stars is my honor.
washing dishes is a simple set up. i’m not convinced that it’s the most efficient use of water but so far it’s fine. when the greywater bucket is full we dump it outside.

we don’t shower here but i’ve imagined some set up with large buckets. we adventure out to the rec center once or twice a week for a shower. i think we paid $120 for a year family membership, no biggie. and we do our laundry at the laundromat maybe once a week.

another point of interest is that we pay for all of the water we use. we could make things easier on ourself and simply put up the gutters since we already have the rain barrels.

we fill up our jugs from the store maybe twice a month. it’s about 20 gallons of water for maybe $8 that last us 2 weeks. that water is for dishes.
we spend about $70 in gas to fill up spring water every 6 weeks or so. we collect 20-30 gallons of spring water for food and drinks. ideally we’d have a spring on our land or catch & drink/clean with rainwater. that is our future.

i always feel like i should say more about living without plumbing but there doesn’t seem much to it. i’d love to answer any questions.

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as always, we live in a tiny house in the woods. for pictures & info go to my website