when we first moved onto our land there was a ton of ticks so i started an early habit of peeing close to home. quickly there was a scatter of tiny amounts of toilet paper all within eye shot. hummm… a good redneck would never do such a thing. i’d look at the mess and think, “i doesn’t matter that it’s going to biodegrade, this is an eye sore for country living”. if shame doesn’t motivate you then money will. at some point pollen in the air took over my nose and i was burning through more toilet paper, the eye sore was growing and fancy toilet paper was $-adding-$ up.

then i listened to a really inspiring podcast specifically about WOMEN PEEING OUTSIDE *WITHOUT* TOILET PAPER. i not only learned an essential technique to peeing outside i somehow got a true education on ‘the goods’. things i’d never thought of, being a woman. how had i never thought of those things before?

then a friend of mine a city over mentions that her family of 5 use cloth instead of toilet paper for their bathroom needs. i’m so glad she showed me what they do and let me video it too.

i got a bunch of cheap towels. they’re color coded for use; green is tissue for my nose, yellow is for my urine & blue is for cleaning the kitchen.
toilet paper free 1

during my lady-time they all get used and the color system goes out the window. i simply fold one over 3 times and pin it either on or around my underwear. using them for those personal times does not stain them, good as new. one less thing to buy & throw away.

good to know:
cloth tissue is so soft that it does not hurt your nose like over using toilet paper does when allergies strike
plus hankies make me feel like a queen from the wild west times (for some reason)
once i learned real technique to peeing outside i had less than a drop of urine to manage so my cloth towel lasts me a week (or less)

we have toilet paper for #2 only. i don’t want to see any of it used for cleaning up messes or blowing noses. let’s say it together, BAM-BOO. now that was fun.

any questions?

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