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caramel wrapped mallowsa few weeks back i saw an ad in the paper that the farmers market was looking for cheese vendors. i figured we’d find a good source of dairy and make butter, ghee, yogurt and cheese. after calling a dozen different health service government workers i was directed to ask my questions (“what do i need to do to sell dairy products at the farmers market?”) to the health inspector. he kept saying, “no, i don’t THINK you can do that”. whatever. then the farmers market got us intouch with a woman who told us that we really could sell dairy goods but the hoops to jump through were a bit outside of my pumped up feeling. (such as going to a dairy plant to make produce the goods). so i reviewed the farmers market guide to see what was clearly allowed with no questions asked. the only realistic thing i could make on that list was candy. i looked up a bunch of recipes and it seemed simple enough. i bought about $200s in organic ingredients and supplies. i failed every recipe back to back. money, joy, inspiration, & time all went down the drain. not to mention that i haven’t been able to sample anything because i’m working on gut health, sugar is a no-no.

trufflessugar is science. to get the right texture while not creating a crystilized failure was totally my weakness. plus using organic ingredients without corn syrup created a situation where many of the recipes were wrong and would fail…. or would have to be adjusted for the lack of corn syrup and would also lead to failure. i’ll say this, failing this much in such a short amount of time was pretty soul crushing. but what got me though was the soul quenching desire to take beautiful pictures of MY CANDY!

mint pattiesthere’s a couple stories of funny stories of failure that i will not bore you with. after all the failure i started to win. we ran our booth for the first time. it was a very cold day (it ended up snowing that afternoon). almost no one came out to the market. BUT! with all that said, we still made $74 in 3 hours. success! the farmers market will be busy soon but we’re clearly doing fine for now. i’m excited to be a part of our farmers market. we love our farmers and they’ve done a lot to show us that we’re welcome.


*side note
putting myself out there was very revealing. i pretty much never want to talk shit on anyone for trying ever again. plus i can understand why things often cost more than what it seems. i had invested about $700 into getting this stand going but you’d never know it by looking at it. right now i’m not pricing things at an hourly rate on how long it took me to make. i hope folks consider my prices fair, most things are a $1 per ounce (give or take).

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PS: failed organic fudge may be too gritty to sell but i know people would enjoy it for free. failed candy has made me friends.

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