as much as i plan things out, break things down and think about the years to come every now and then i make quick decision that changes everything. then back to the plan i go. for example, when i met mark he moved in on day 2 and we got married 6 months of knowing each other. 4 years later all is well, very well. most of the big decisions seem to jump out of our head and we “think quick” and go on our jolly way. saturday night i came up with a plan, we’re going to be street performers playing music for $. we’re going to move all of our stuff to a tiny suburb of dallas (population 8,000) into a home my parents just bought. we’re selling our land through a realtor so that we’ll have money to buy land with our friends, which i’ve talked about here in my interview.  the day after pitching this idea to mark he got pumped because he’s been wanting to build a charango for years (like a small guitar) and that what’s he’s going to bring on the road. my sister who’s been living with us in our tiny house wanted to come with us on the road but there wouldn’t be enough room in our car. mark hates sleeping in the as we have done it for 3 separate 2 week trips plus living in the car for when we first moved onto our land**. yesterday we were in texas helping my parents move into their house. afterwards we drove to the spring and it dawned on me that if we train hopped our way around we wouldn’t have to pay for gas. we could take greyhound & megabus as needed. well, well now heather can come with us! we invited 2 more friends (one was pumped to be a part of this and the other is on the fence). i’ve bought an accordion and put in my 6 weeks notice to my job. quitting my job was very scary. i LOVE my job, it’s by far the best job i’ve ever had. and life goes on.

here’s the deal, if we’re selling our land then we need to live somewhere. if i’m paying any amount of rent i think it needs to go to my parents. their house payment is huge and i really want to ease their burden. there’s personal perks as well but not as many as you’d think because their house is far enough out that it’s a bit intimidating for someone who has one car between the 3 of us (me, mark & my sister). i’m still excited but sad to start looking for a job when that time comes.

how long are we going to be running the streets? until the fun runs out. could be 2 weeks or 6 months. either way time stops when train hopping so that doesn’t apply.

below are 2 pictures from 8 years ago when i train hopped for a few weeks.

1 train

2 train

i’m so excited.  i have 6 weeks until freedom. last night it struck me that i should put my ebook on sale, super sale! since planning this trip the synchronicities & conformations that have been coming in back to back totally connect dots that an ebook sale is in order. enjoy.

part 2

for info & pictures on our tiny house living check out Tiny House & Land

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