in part 1 I said that we’d be catching out in 6 weeks but there’s a lovely little girls birthday party I need to attend, I can’t miss it. I took pictures at the party the last 2 years so we’re going to head out in 3 weeks to be back in time for cake. I bootlegged my own trainhopping dvd from 8 years ago and took a few clips that were more action shots then train riding cat naps. the original folks I had invited are not coming with us but as of last night our little hobo squad just acquired a real live musician. we’re going to be a real band. I hope I can hang. if we’re lucky and get back early then we will still have time for the ariel pink show in dallas. *note to bert*

olive park 001

kids playing in mud & olives 3rd birthday 546

and as always info & picture about our Tiny House and Land

anarchist kitchen tiny house and land