DSC_0031   i grew up in the small village of owego in upstate new york. i walked and biked a ton growing up.  the only muscles i have are calf muscles and they are huge as a testament to my love for walking and biking which i started as a wee little youth in USA. i spent just as much time outside as i did inside watching tv. every poor person i know owns cable so apparently we were just too cheap to own cable. my dad thinks our (tv) culture is a joke. he’s never told me that but the guys in his 60s and has NEVER worn a pair of jeans in my lifetime. dress lacks all the way. my neighbor owned cable and i spent most of my sitting hours at her house. i hated stupid kid show. what’s the point of watching some kid run through a lame ass obstacle course to get slimed in the predictable end? i did however absorb a shit load of MTV. there’s a term for youth who think that kid shows are lame while soaking in racy, dirty sailor young adult shit; “older younger”. “older younger” is where the cool toys and clothes for young kids looks lame compared to what the older teens are being marketed. part of my “older younger” trip included wanting to be gangsta. me and my elementary school friends would walk around the village spray painting shit, talking about “picking a fight” and smoking cigarettes, age 8. in my mind i was new york city. when i was 12 we moved to the dallas suburbs which is over a million people i felt like i had arrived. my parents would drive by this grandys that sat next to this alley near the “black neigh hood” and in my youthful mind i could see bone thugs n harmony creeping out of the shadow…just like the MTV “thuggish ruggish bone” video!!! these days when i read a book about junk and sex being marketed to children i connect the dots to how indoctrinated i was in to the MTV culture which makes me pause & step back. MTV doesn’t acknowledge the difference between the real world and the system. actually if the system had a slogan it would be “we’re the real world, i promise”. DSC_0036 no supermodels for topsoil or rapper for hand built houses. living in the country was off my radar. years after disconnecting from MTV culture i was still indirectly consuming the messages. blah blah blah… we move to the country. i knew we had to move to the country and homestead but i was REALLY nervous that maybe the country life wouldn’t be for me. turns out the country is the life for me and feel cheated out of my piece of mind that i wasn’t able to maintain while living in the city.DSC_0104

my pros & cons basically look like this: i’ve meet a ton of really awesome people living in the city but i’m no social butterfly and end up hanging with coworkers or classmates. no city is required for that. in the city i’ve seen a handful of really good shows whose band that would never play in the country. every 6 months i wish i could go to an indie theater but quickly get over it. i hate that i have to drive to get into town. i wish i could walk or bike around and feel like a piece of me is missing because i don’t adventure like i used to. i feel much more relaxed not taking the bus or walking pass street harassers to get where i’m going. i do not feel like my guard is sky high. feeling more relaxed makes me more sensitive and intuitive. in the small town i leave near no one is a redneck. everyone is either an artist or an art collector. many of the people are from other cities and have wealth of life experience to add to the community. it’s crazy to have one big community. in the city it’s basically you & your friend and everyone else just comes and goes. while at work in town co-works will point out folks, telling me their claim to fame is. it’s like everyone matters. plus when someone gets hurt or gets cancer the whole town raises money to help out. all the folks i met have gardens or chickens. everyone seems to be connected to the real world. oh and i seldom see MTV culture in town. folks just seem real, for better or worse. did i mention that when i’m at home i never imagine someone kicking my door down? i’ve got a good job and i’m not sure how likely that is for country living. when i lived in the city i felt more in a fantasy bubble about life (the mystical spark?) and how it works.

i think the country and city are extreme and suburbs & small towns come closer to the middle.


in the end there’s this eternal quest to “know thy self” and my place in the world. being in the city was over stimulating and distracting. i like living in the woods and vacationing to the city. most people do it the other way around.


info & pictures of our tiny house & land

anarchist kitchen tiny house and land