UPDATE!!! —> i’ve learned how to eat for free.

my short HOW TO EAT FOR FREE ARTICLE : http://brinkoffreedom.net/politics-and-economics/dumpster-diving

so in my ebook about saving money i talk about budgeting food expenses. before we moved to arkansas $120 was our weekly food money but there was supplementing to it from our “extras” funds if we went out to eat or bought some frozen yogurt. so the number is higher than $120 but $120 is the grocery story weekly average. when we moved back to texas we had a ton of money because we sold our land. then it became clear that living at my parents i needed my own car. so we poured $2,500 into that. then a week later the car died and paid to get it towed home. within a week of that we concluded that dallas would really offer us more satisfying jobs. there was one apartment complex that was a couple hundred dollars less than anything else and is an best neighborhood in dallas which is like living in the forest. so in order to secure an ideal apartment without having a job we paid 6th months of rent upfront, thousands of dollars. we went from rich to poor over night. we even had to borrow money so that we’d have food and gas to get by. mark got a job but the day for him to start kept getting pushed back and before you know it we are scrapping together change to buy food for the week. the food i was eating on borrowed money was a ton of fruit from the cheap store and rationing some meat from the fancy store with small amounts of rice here and there & a homemade hail mary chocolate/coconut filling kind of thing. the day were were out of borrowed-money food we cashed in all of our coins, $15 for a weeks worth of food. for 2 people that’s a dollar a day.


the first thing that came to mind was what i did 13 years ago, ramen noodles. so we get to the store and ramen (3.5oz) is 5 for $1. i’m feeling resistant to eating ramen but i’m also excited that i can’t throw money at my problems. we look around the store and find a cheaper than raman option. a small bag of pasta (7 oz) is also 5 for $1. we find the bullion section of the store and opt for the slightly higher quality powdered shit. marks eyeing the lobster flavor and i compare ingredients. the chicken flavor one resembles ramens flavor profile more closely. SALT, SUGAR, FLAVOR (in that order). this one doesn’t have the crazy amounts of filler, says all natural on the front and cost a dollar more. i did buy a huge watermelon & that was pretty much all of our money. we had a weeks worth of pasta, stock flavoring and fruit.

believe it or not our food lasted almost 2 weeks! but it also included using the last cans of tuna, eating anything that we had avoided in the pantry and adding butter to everything.

here’s an example of a meal that we’d split and because the butter had been untouched in the fridge for a while, same with the tuna, this meal cost *20 cents* off of that weeks trip to the store. let’s add in the tuna and butter for our new total, $2.45 for 2 people. not bad.


770 calories PASTA *7 oz
200 calories BUTTER * 2 TB
175 calories TUNA can
I know how much we all like talking about junk food so here it is.


i’m still on a GOKALEO kick. one of the things she talks about is getting adequate amounts of calories. Eating too little calories of food will have your body burning up its own tissues, organs and muscles as an energy source. calories are a log on the fire. it’d be ideal to burn energy from food and not internal organs, obviously. when working out we require a lot of fuel to get through the workout and to grow our muscle. nutrients matter and calories matter but calories matter more. using our kindergarten analogy of a fire lasting only as long is it’s fueled, for the most part, makes sense. calorie is a measurement of heat. 1 calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a gram of water by one degree Celsius. building more muscle is definitely like building a bigger fire. more fire, more logs. you can build a big fire with lots of shit logs or lots of good quality logs but either way more fuel is required. however, wanting to build a big fire with small high quality logs will give you a very good short burn.

nutrient AND calorie dense foods together would be IDEAL and so would having all your needs met without having to be rich.

5 years ago nutrient density was my goal and i consumed a lot of things that were higher in nutrients per calorie but over all it wasn’t enough calories so my body broke down muscle to fuel the fire.

earlier this year i started refeeding to get my body temperature closer 98.7, it was in the low 97s. my extreme dry skin and extreme cold aversions were a product of an unbalanced low carb / paleo lifestyle (under-eating as well). when i was paleo my skin would breakout if i ate anything with rancid veggie old oil in it and my joints would hurt if i ate something with sugar in it. praise the lord, it’s a sign! then i’d be strict until the next binge. i used to think binging was a sign of weakness, ha! 50% of my binging was because i was starving for calories, the other half was because my diet was unbalance in macro nutrients. when i was a raw foodist and ate something cooked i’d feel bad, again, i’d thank the lord for giving me a sign. but refeeding was an exploration of breaking the orthorexic ties. while i was paleo i’d binged on frozen yogurt and i’d chalk it up to a moment of weakness, making all sorts of excuses & justifications. with refeeding there’s none of that, no making up stories about what the food is or isn’t, ZERO MORALS. everyday i’d commit to eating a bunch of junk food and calories and NOT read the ingredient list or try not to think of factory farm milk or eggs. so a week into living on walmart cake (which is pure rancid oil, sugar and flour) my skin became BABY SOFT! i got out of the shower and hadn’t put coconut oil on yet and my body just moisturized itself! first time in 3 years! no breakouts, no joint pain. the only sign from the lord was my largest organ, the skin, seemed to be functioning again.

3 months into refeeding my pants were all way too uncomfortable. my prides way too high to buy clothes that fit so i thanked refeeding for decluttering my brain. for years my brain had millions of little comments about other peoples food choices (NOT FRIENDS OR FAMILY but strangers) now i don’t have that. if someone is eating junk food there is a silence upstairs that wasn’t there before. and most of the time it wouldn’t be words or thoughts but i’d get a feeling or my brain would experience a change in vibration based solely on someone ordering chicken on their salad or getting a diet soda with their meal. i don’t transmute these thoughts, they are just no longer there. i definitely feel like i can vibe with more people now, how sad that i was resistant to people! orthorexia was my mental disorder. so i’m no longer over eating but focusing on a small calorie deficiency so that my clothes can fit. i have noticed a dip in my body temperature from eating less which really sucks. for a minute there, i’d be somewhere and someone would say they were cold and i’d feel fine. then last week i sat in a coffee shop for hours and was freezing. then a few days later i went to a thrift store and the AC there had me freezing again! cold aversion /freezing is not simply being uncomfortable, it’s fucking torture. i hate it.

some of the symptoms that i thought were a sign of going in the wrong direction were actually sensations of tissue/cellar repair and muscle repletion despite feeling like shit and looking like i’d gained 10lbs over night.

gokaleo talks about people with disordered thinking imagining that because you eat junk food you must only eat junk food. if someone i know eats some bullshit fast food i can’t assume that it’s the only thing they eat.

so the dogma free advice of the day is to really tell everyone to “eat whatever you want”. if you think that you shouldn’t tell people to eat whatever they want because people will just eat junk food then speak for yourself. also considering having a wider variety of friends, people aren’t what you think. a few weeks into refeeding i was living off beans and rice, i didn’t want meat or junk food. i didn’t crave or look forward to decedent food, eating enough of all the macro nutrients is satisfying.

i still have moments where i want to not eat because all of my food choices seem like they’re bad then i snap out of it and feel like it’s time to grow up.

heres some cheap calorie dense foods in case you’re down to your last few dollars, clearly this is not for those rich at heart.
250 calories / 16 cents -DONUT (stores sell day old donuts 12 for $2)
120 calories / 32 cents -CHEESE 1oz
322 calories / $1.50 AVOCADO whole
188 calories / 12 cents PEANUT BUTTER 2tb
140 calories / 14 cents FROSTING 2tb
770 calories / 20 cents PASTA 7 oz
200 calories / 20 cents RICE 1cup
70 calories / 12 cents BREAD slice
500 calories/ 99cents RAVIOLI can

compare to yummy:
164 calories / $5 RASPBERRIES pint

so this list is a bit ridiculous but i find value in entertaining these things because we’re going to be living on the cheap for months while we get out shit together.
the bit about feeling like shit after consuming some taboo foods came about after talking with deb. she asked me what “diet of the month i was on” then it launched into pretty much everything i’ve talked about here. the point isn’t that junk food is all good but rather that isn’t not ALL bad. but i’m sure you already know this.



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