i’m going to share something that has worked for me.

9 years ago i read paul braggs book on fasting and took that shit to heart.

during that time i got sick, at least i could feel it coming on.  at that exact moment my roommate/boyfriend got sick too. the second the feeling came over me i fasted. tea, yes/ calories, no.  tea without sugar or milk, ya know, NO calories. on day two i was back to normal but a week later homeboy was still coughing hard as hell.  at the time i was so dazzled by this that i had to tell my co worker exactly what to do when she started coming down with something.  she did it and the next day she too was a new women.

the process is simple.  fast, without exception, until the sick feeling fades.

i had followed the protocol multiple times with success. the one time it didn’t work was when i felt sickness coming on & i didn’t fast that day. when i woke up the next day i felt full on sick and fasted that day with zero relief.  usually i feel 90% better, that’s not bad.

i hope this helps, no drugs required. DSC_6648 copy




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