so i had the HUGE HONOR of being invited to hang out with jack of the survival podcast at this home with his very cool wife, his intern josiah, & his dogs. let me tell you, if something had a pulse at their homestead then it was most likely a bad ass.

for 3 solid years we listened to the survival podcast and it shaped our values and our future plans as well as our marriage. within the last 6 months ALL informational podcast have taken a back seat. i don’t know why but the mind does what it wants and that’s okay. i haven’t even been reading information books or websites either. i’m still interested in growing our own plants & animals, sleeping outside under the stars and i think about our future plans from time to time. 

almost a year ago i listened to a TSP show called “HOW I WOULD PERSONALLY DESIGN A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY” . it was so spot on that i sent the audio to a handful of friends that i was talking to about getting land with. well, a year later it turns out that it’s coming true and very soon! 

while hanging out i asked a million questions and was blown away with how fitting this is.

i’m going to give you a rundown the the plan but take everything with a grain of salt (because my memory appears to be total bullshit at times AND the plans will change as shit gets real).

project PermaEthos 

Listen to the “Answers to Many Questions in Audio” to hear the real deal of what’s in the works.

  •  PermaEthos may be an hour or 1.5 hours from DFW (east tx)
  • large piece of land, maybe 200-500 acres
  • land will be split up, common area, maybe 100 acres broken into 1 acre lots for “lessee” to live, area for food forest, plants and pastured animals, workshop area, wood work area, public store front! etc
  • the land will have as LITTLE government as worldly possible. PERIOD, END OF STORY.
  • the lessee gets a renewable 99 year contract that can be passed down to your loved ones or easily walked away from
  • there will be a small fee (maybe $2k) to move onto your acre then $250 a month and you can DO or BUILD ANYTHING
  • you could build your dream home then change your mind and sell the home for profit, nothing lost but your time
  • there would be ways to contribute that could make it so you pay NOTHING every month
  • you don’t have to be there full time but others will be there full time to make sure no ones fucking with your part time home
  • you can do ANYTHING you want with your land, if you want to grow plants & animals you can but don’t have to because there will be a common area for that. you could travel and not have to worry about who is feeding the animals and watering the plants! zero expectations other than paying your $250 a month.
  • there will be a lot of money making opportunity for those who want to do that, including selling your skill, leading classes, renting out a piece  of your land, starting a store front, working with plants and animals, etc
  • ONE RULE ONLY you can do anything you want as long is it doesn’t harm anyone

you can walk away at any point and there’s no major investment to be a lessee. this will be funded by investors and there’s already way more investors willing to put their $25k each than is needed. investors and lessee will get weeded and filtered out. i’ve already submitted my lessee survey, i love this so much! this are happening fast, maybe within the next 6 months or less. i’m in  if they want me!

for more info

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