after biking a few miles in Phoenix on a very hot 101 degree day i was inspired to buy a large bottle of lemonade. i bet that was my first time buying lemonade in my life. it was a maybe a half of a gallon of 3 ingredient; organic lemon juice, organic sugar & water. i don’t think i could remake the same half gallon organic for the same low price of $2.69 but i was inspired to make my own non-organic version.

this is funny, how many times have i looked up how to use some herbal or wild crafted item to see a recipe full of sugar. i always had a feeling of shock and would think “how the hell do herbs and processed shit go together in a recipe? how mainstream of them and they don’t even know to be embarrassed”. then i’d look up a hippie alternative that used honey or something and wonder why all recipes weren’t on a that caliber. now that the shoe’s on the other foot i will say this; the drink is pure pleasure.

Lemonade Recipe

i googled a lemonade recipe and the first one the popped up had been rated by 1,400 people with almost 5 stars so i felt that was the route to go. it’s damn near impossible to follow a recipe, even if it’s 3 ingredient. their recipe said 1.75 cup of sugar and i did 1.25.

here’s what i did late last night

  • measured 1.25 cup of sugar then set it aside til morning (any sweetener would work, less would work as well)
  • boiled water then poured in ceramic tea pot, added a handful of raspberry leaf & tulsi then cover with a towel over night
  • juiced 9 small lemons then realized i didn’t have even close to enough juice then juiced a bunch of limes totaling 1.25 cup
  • sliced up ginger because i was too lazy to want to dirty & clean the grater
  • mixed the ginger in the juice and let it marinate in the fridge overnight

next morning

  • strained the tea from herbs
  • heated up a small pot of the tea with the sugar til it dissolved
  • poured the plain tea into a half gallon glass, added the warm sugared tea to that
  • removed the ginger from the juice, added that to the tea
  • my measurements were pretty good, bottle was full

i poured my first glass to taste it and it was epic! super epic! i added water to top off my bottle, replacing the 8 ounces from my first tasting which give this recipe 9 servings (8oz) for 130 calories of pure sugar each. i won’t go as far as saying that the recipe is too sweet but i would like to play around with using less sugar. also i’ve been pouring maybe 4 ounces of this citrus gingerage to 20 ounces of water for a flavor enhancer. i like being conservative.


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