i’ve been seeing a pattern in my life. this pattern is called, “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good”. after 18 months of doing a “good” job of fulfilling a time line and detailed expected markers of accomplishment i took it to the max. the pattern in my life is this: if i can be disciplined at doing a good job then lets become disciplined at doing a perfect job. in my brain that really seems to be the natural next step. i’ve got a 13 year history of restrictive eating that illustrates doing a good job of clean eating taken to extremes. perfect is extreme.

*if anyone needs a reminder, here it is: IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIT IT.

so we saved money $24,000 in 18 months. it’s was almost 3 years ago when that 18 month period started. what we did was really, really good. it almost feels surreal because we didn’t struggle, we didn’t stress. every time we got paid the savings portion grew. then we moved, things changed and all i wanted to do was make shit perfect. i didn’t organize, i could comprehend moderation, i went to extremes. i worked really, really hard, earning $20,000 in 6 months of waiting tables. i worked all of the time, hey i loved my job, my boss, my coworkers, the owner and his family, why not? it’s soooo obvious that burn out is inevitable but i was ignoring the signs. perfect is an outlier so all of the signs┬ádon’t apply, right? but they do and i had to take a step back.

so here we are starting from scratch, taking two steps back and taking my own advise. i’ve often wondered where i would be in life if i stayed on a more steady path instead of all these extreme starts that end in extreme stops.

here’s the original video i made for friends & family that is included with my $9.99 ebook. watch it for free, take notes, we’ll get there. all of us. write me if you have any questions.

it’s never too late to begin a goal.

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