i’d mentioned on my interview with the survival podcast that our future plan is to get land with some friends. shortly after that interview we put our land on the market. within 2 months our land was sold. we sold our land for almost double the price we paid but in the end came slightly short of breaking even once you include all the work we did to the land. maybe we lost $500-$1,000 but we got a taste of living our dream for a year. plus all of the accomplishments that were achieved along the way, starting our own business & raising chickens. another way of looking at it is that we’d spent $500-$1000 on a years worth of rent to be fully engaged in a lifestyle that was so different from anything that knew.

the couple that bought our tiny house & land were a perfect fit for it. they were artists and woodworkers. when they stepped into our tiny house the first thing they said was, “wow, this is a mansion!” they called our tiny house a mansion, that meant they were going to buy it. “…compared to what we live in now.” when they looked at the work shed the wife started naming off wood working tools that they’d put in there. hearing all that was a good feeling. they have plans to hand build a house on the land. they really did get a sweet deal. the land was cheap and the location is perfect. they’re 10 minutes from a tiny artsy town in the mountains while living in the woods. i loved that land & our tiny house, leaving it all felt surreal.

we left our land because it was all rocks and trees. in order to do the things we want (raise animals, plant food forest, woody beds and permaculture) we’d have to cut down a portion of trees and bring in all of the soil. bringing in soil isn’t the worst thing ever but there can be some problems with bring in soil. plus the amount of money it would cost to turn rocks and trees into a functioning homestead would doesn’t makes sense. why not buy a piece of land that’s already suited for our needs. our rocks and trees will never be lush pasture for ideal animal husbandry unless we invest a lot of time and money.

a year and a half ago when we signed the deed and gave our hard earned money to buy the land we had made a mistake. we looked at the land and saw beautiful woods. we saw the land for what it was and not what it would be. we were so pumped to get out of the city the thought processes was like this, “tree/nature = good. city/concrete = bad”. we really weren’t thinking of the bigger picture. we figured we cut down some trees and the process would unfold and that was a mistake. now we have a better eye for what we need from our final piece of land. how can we create a thriving ecosystem, put more things into the system without having to take what’s there out? that is question. animals are an important part of my future vision. different animals need different things. some need pasture while others need forest. so to belabor my point, i can’t have ALL rocks and trees… i need more.

i haven’t talked much about our friends but we’re getting land with a small group of homies. as that unfolds i will go into that a bit more.

we’ve moved into a house my parents just bought to help them with their mortgage while we’re in transition. the town we live in has a population of 8,000 but feels much smaller than the town of 2,000 that we just left. smaller in the sense that community spaces and community feel is next to nothing here. part of that is because there’s no economy here, people just sleep in the country and drive to the city to work. eureka springs was very alive. here we’re an 20 minutes away from anything alive. but i’m glad to be here. i’m glad to see my parents and help them out. i’m super glad not to be living in dallas though we drive out there regularly.

our backyard is now a cornfield.

we’ve started a photography business *SORRENTINO PHOTOS*  and have been very busy with that.  (recent pictures we’ve taken below)DSC_0125resize copy

we have a thousand new wood working ideas. we’re doing our best to be 100% independently employed.6 copy

not having a standard job right now has really been healing. i’ve had bulk herbs for YEARS that i’d barely touched. now i’m brewing up almost a gallon of tea that i drink chilled daily. i’ve been working out at home (yoga, jump rope, jumping jacks, modified push ups) and tracking my calories to make sure i’m getting enough.6DSC_0233resize

i’m completely pumped about photography right now. all i want to do it take pictures of everything i see. we need more paying clients. we need to take pictures of  beautiful food. we can’t drain our land money to pay for the gas to capture the pictures i long to take.cDSC_0427resize

i miss peeing outside. i miss squatting to take a shit. i miss the stars and the trees. i like the ease of washing dishes with plumbing. i don’t like the toilet but i do like the bathroom.4 copy

we’re still Tiny House And Land just in transition. our next tiny house will be hand sculpted i imagine.z copy